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 Program Testimony


"People might say that what you spend to take a child to your program in the U.S. is the same amount that could buy the supplies to repair their family's damaged home. But , the changes that took place in these boys cannot be measured in money.

By traveling and witnessing a different country and way of life their lives opened up. They came back freed of the fears and anxieties that limited them during and after the war.

They are much better in their behavior and way of thinking now, and this makes them better students. They are more open and more mature, and not as sad as before. They have friends in another country, and this makes them feel stronger."

--Statement by Mr. Salko Jugo, Principal of Umihana Cuvidina Elementary School, Sarajevo.


 Project Life: Rehabilitation Program


Project Life annually sponsors small groups of orphans 9 to 12 years old on short-term visitor visas. The children spend an intensive three months participating in educational and recreational programs based at our center in Waterport, New York while being hosted by U.S. host families.

Program Goals:

  • Provide peace and support for rest and recuperation through placement in a beautiful, conflict-free rural area
  • Improve physical and psychological health through donated services of physicians, dentists, and art therapists
  • Build trust and confidence by interacting with new friends and other orphans from diverse backgrounds
  • Give children a chance to just be kids through simple activities such as bike riding, swimming, games, music, and art
  • Gain English language skills through a daily ESOL program
  • Expand horizons through visits to museums, state parks, and other cities and states
  • Forge long-term bonds with orphans and their families by keeping in touch when they return to their families overseas.

Project Life does not permanently place children in the United States. The orphans selected for the program are not seeking long-term foster care or adoption.

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